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VicMap Topo News | Avenza for Android

VicMap Topographic newsletter

The VicMap July 2013 Topographic  newsletter has a good process description for obtaining 1:30,000PDF maps online. There is also the process for obtaining custom A4 and A3 maps for areas selected by you.

These pdf maps are georeferenced and can be used for georeferencing existing maps. They can also be used by mobile map apps such as Avenza PDF-maps.

Avenza releases Android version of PDF maps appAvenza pdf-maps logo

The newsletter advised that the Avenza PDF-maps app, previously for iPhone and iPad only,  is now available for Android. Get it via Google Playstore or download from Avenza.

memory map logoI use MemoryMap on my mobile and PC and have VicMap 1:25,000 maps and other Australian maps seamlessly available. It is a good system and is also free but the seamless maps cost is of course considerably higher than selected VicMap pdfs.



Back in July I mentioned a Coursera  online Maps and Geospatial Revolution course run by Penn State Uni.  I took that course and very much enjoyed it. I lived up to its MOOC moniker being indeed a Massive Open Online Course  with 47,000 registering and 34,000 participating. Seemed to be 80-100 from Australia with the highest concentration in VIC.

Course logo
The course logo

The course material was intensely interesting and the course very well presented. The use of forums for interaction quickly tried my patience sifting the dross from the coal. In the end I was able to ignore them for the most part as I wasn’t after a formal result.

I commend this course to anyone wanting to learn more about the topic and especially the practical application of geography and geospatial. The 2008 Haitian earthquake disaster response was one such covered. We explored some global information such as these maps showing wealth distribution and income inequality worldwide. And you are bound to learn some interesting facts about your own region. Next session is in March 2014.



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