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VIC Mountain Biking Maps Released

Creswick Walk / Cycle brochure mapCreswick Walk Cycle front page


A2 size full colour brochure with a map taking most of one side. Target is principally families looking for opportunities to walk or ride in the town parks or nearby bush. Other visitors such as runners, non-family are catered for to some extent.

Production team

An ad hoc local group comprising a writer, photographer, mapper (Mapsport Cartographic) with a publisher as project manager produced this A2 size full colour brochure to promote the varied walking and off road cycling possibilities around Creswick, Victoria. Hepburnshire Council initiated and oversaw the project, input was sought from relevant local groups and a professional graphic designer showcased our work beautifully.


The trails were graded gentle, moderate and adventurous. As the brochure is aimed principally at families, ‘adventurous’ is more akin to moderate for a seasoned trail mountain bike and maybe ‘gentle’ for a technically proficient rider.

The 1:15,000 scale allows easy reading while giving enough scope for two adventurous mtb trails of 20+km in total. Both those trails link with the 210km Goldfields Track multi-use trail. A 1km grid makes distance calculation easy for those not used to scales. Unusually for a tourism map, contours are included to allow assessment by mountain bikers of the relative steepness of trails.

Where available

The brochure is now available free of charge at the Creswick Visitor Centre and other centres including Ballarat, Daylesford and Castlemaine. Some bike shops may stock them.

Cyclic Navigator enduro mountain bike navigation map

New Zealand Gully extract
New Zealand Gully extract


The 5th staging of Cyclic Navigator (VIC) event since 2004 saw 74 riders from VIC, SA and NZ covering 64 sq. km on mountain bikes as solos or in pairs. There was a fairly even split between the 4 hour and 6 hour groups.

Production team

Cartography by Ken. Field work by Anitra, Ken plus 2 days by Andrew Slattery of SA. Printed on Pretex on a Konica Minolta 6501 using settings developed by Ken.


The map scale was 1:30,000 with 10m contour interval. For ease of reading on the move, symbols were maintain at the size used in 1:20,000 mountain bike orienteering maps. Feedback indicate this worked well and the care taken to still represent the angles of track junctions, met with approval.

Tracks were classified in terms of width and rideability using a 2×3 matrix. Sealed roads were an additional symbol. Due to storms and fires in recent years, many tracks were becoming difficult to distinguish and these were indicated using green instead of black. Spring growth in the three weeks prior to the event moved even more tracks into that indistinct class.

The map was prepared using DSE (state government)  digital data as a base. Tracks were surveyed with GPS by car, mtb and foot over four months of weekends. GPSrs used were Garmin eTrex Vista H on foot, Garmin Forerunner 205 & 305 on bike and Holux M1200e in the car and sometimes on the bike. The latter being very small, was ale to be placed in the sunroof space or on helmet to maximise satellite access. There are issues with the Holux software but these are gradually being resolved using 3rd party software such as GPSBabel.

The map was printed on Pretex, a water resistant stock made from pulp and synthetics. It is widely used in Europe for orienteering maps and leisure maps. It is not available in Australia so we imported it.

Software employed was principally OCAD for cartography, Condes course planning, GPS Utility for GPSr downloads and massage, GPSBabel for Holux data downloads.

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