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NZ Splits from AUS – New World Map

Mercator world

Cahill-Keyes world map poster

The ebb and flow of NZ-AUS relations has finally stabilised with the two countries at opposite ends of the world. At least on this  gorgeous new world map poster that has countries proportional to their actual area.

No more Greenland looming large over Canada-USA. Or Antarctica seemingly taking up a third of the world’s surface. Those are what is delivered by the common Mercator projection popularised even more by Google.

Cahill-Keyes world map
Cahill-Keyes world map

A poster for your study or office

If, like me, you have trouble placing many new countries then this is the wall poster for you. At 1.5m x 0.75m you will quickly find any country that pops up on the news. Apart, that is, from the ever burgeoning mythical countries that join Atlantis.

Watch this short video then lodge your bid for a poster. You have until January 3rd.