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Issue with Double lines edit

Issue with editing double lines symbol

Experiencing unexpected behaviour when editing a double lines symbol in Orienteering edition?

Michael Wood, NZ reported that when editing the symbol, sometimes the Fill colour details are greyed and it could not be ticked or unticked. Also the Mode field is blank.

If this is a nuisance for you, then you can download and install a fix pending the next OCAD Orienteering update.

Tip re adding text from a database

Recently i imported a Shape file and added spot height symbols to a trail map. Then I selected Database > Add text from database records in order to place the actual heights adjacent to the symbols. However every height was identical.

Eventually I consulted OCAD Inc support and I discovered that selection of a unique key when importing sashape file is very important. Usually the key presented to me in VicMap shape files is PFI or UFI so i hardly look at it. However this time a different key showed and I simply accepted it.

However it turns out that for some operations, the key field must have unique entries in the shape file. In this case, to deliver the text that matched each spot height instance.

Still learning.