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VIC, NSW, NZ Release Free Spatial Data

July saw Victoria follow NSW in making much of its spatial data free to access. New Zealand’s LINZ released a significant amount of aerial imagery with more to follow. I checked out the VIC release and created a quick guide for those not familiar with accessing spatial data.

OCAD 12 Professional image

Selecting OCAD Editions for Rogaining

Data Source Data source is perhaps the key determinant to selection of an appropriate OCAD edition for rogaine mapping. I am not apprised of the data sources of rogaining associations apart from Victoria. If the assumptions I have made are incomplete, you are welcome to contact me to discuss your situation. Mappers from an orienteering […]

Easy EPS Viewing

EPS viewing is easy after all. Missing from the digital print map Guides was a method of viewing a Condes course planning EPS file without having to buy Adobe Acrobat. Alister Metherell of NZ alerted me to IrfanView having that capability. As an IrfanView user for yonks I was very surprised but knowing Alister I […]

Breaking Up Seems Hard to Do

Get On Song with the Break Breaking control circles and lines on our orienteering maps seems to be a dying practice judging by this year’s events (championships excluded). That some maps had no broken circles at all seems to indicate a lack of appreciation as to why it should be done. Other maps didn’t go […]

Magnetic Variation a No No?!*

Magnetic Variation is not the same as Grid Magnetic Angle. It is the latter you should use to convert grid north to magnetic north maps.