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OCAD Inc’s Advent Calendar

OCAD Inc’s Advent Calendar of useful functions is on Facebook and Twitter. And free Pretex delivery to Canberra.

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Become More Productive with OCAD in 2017 – Part 3

OCAD productivity through hardware, software, processes Upgrading your PC on a limited budget Check the OCAD wiki When buying a new PC or Mac with OCAD in mind, the first port of call is the OCAD wiki section on Technical Data. Memory vs Processor Having to make that choice? My unquantified experience is to spend […]

Become More Productive with OCAD in 2017 – Part 2

Resolution for some OCAD matters that puzzled. Take a browse to up your OCAD productivity. The video at the end will also help.

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Become More Productive with OCAD in 2017 – Part 1

One liner OCAD tips Even if just one of these is an ‘ah ha !’ moment for you too, your 2017 OCAD productivity will take a leap. Want to improve your O map design aspects? Read this BOF booklet. Have Tips with Keyboard and Mouse by your side for a while. To resize a logo […]

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A Drone Goes Orienteering Mapping

The present and futures of drones (UAVs) in orienteering mapping

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