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Geostationary Satellites

Australian Orienteer Summer Edition is Mapped

Orienteering map technology The coming edition of the Australian Orienteer carries three articles relating to technology and orienteering maps. (more…)

Drone with camera

A Drone Goes Orienteering Mapping

The present and futures of drones (UAVs) in orienteering mapping

Topo socks

Auto Generated Orienteering Maps for WOC 2016

Really? Auto generated orienteering maps? Well yes and no. Read all about it on the WOC Sweden 2016 website. If you haven’t seen such maps before you will be surprised if not amazed. (more…)

compass s

The Lost Art of Navigation?

Why map and compass skills are still desirable in this age of GPSrs.


From GPS and Google Maps to Spatial Computing

Curious about spatial computing? Or more than curious? This course from the University of Minnesota via Coursera delves into spatial computing for geographic information systems (GIS). Now that might seem heavy going but the course caters for three different goals of participants; Curiosity – learn about one or two spatial concepts of interest to you […]

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