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Could be a great nmtbo area

Working collaboratively on OCAD

Three situations that merit working collaboratively in OCAD. And will the Landa nanographics digital press significantly advance digital print maps for map sports?

Topo socks

Auto Generated Orienteering Maps for WOC 2016

Really? Auto generated orienteering maps? Well yes and no. Read all about it on the WOC Sweden 2016 website. If you haven’t seen such maps before you will be surprised if not amazed. (more…)

compass s

The Lost Art of Navigation?

Why map and compass skills are still desirable in this age of GPSrs.

Australia online map 2014

Australian National Map and VicMap 40th

Australian national 3D map released with data overlays. VicMap celebrates 40 years of topographic maps.

VicMap logo

VicMap 1:25,000 Map Series as Georeferenced PDF

VicMap TopNews announces a 1:25,000 series of georeferenced PDFs