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File | Send file by email : OCAD 11 Journal #2

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Club mappers rejoice

Without exiting OCAD 11, you can in this single dialogue, package up your map along with these optional items;

  • background maps
  • layout layer (great new feature in OCAD 11)
  • databases (professional version)
  • Digital Elevation Model (professional version).

Screen snip: dialogue for Send file by email

When you send, the package is zipped up to reduce bandwidth and transmission time. So if you are co-operating on a map then it becomes so much easier and more error proof.

Connection to your email

The connection to your email system relies on some standards and some conventions.

I found that connecting to my web based email did not work despite having a SendMail file association in place which works with other apps. OCAD AG is investigating.

The OCAD wiki on the topic.

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File |New : OCAD 11 Journal #1

A lot to like

Check out the screen snip (click it for a larger view in a separate tab) and I rather think you will agree. OCAD 11 has this process much clearer with less clicks.

Display File | New dialogues 10 and 11
File | New dialogues

There is an enlarged choice of map types. The corresponding choice of symbol sets is shown in the same dialogue. The Map notes: panel name now corresponds to the naming of that tab in Map | Map Information. The default symbol set location saves looking that up on the odd occasion.

Enhanced usability

So seemingly nothing major. A related set of information presented in one dialogue. And its a double whammy because we are saved a click or three. But the portent is good because if this is typical of enhanced usability then using OCAD 11 is definitely going to be faster, easier and smoother. We will find out for sure in the next weeks.

 Next up

File | Send file by email.

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OCAD 11 Journal of Exploration

Ken’s foray into OCAD 11

This diary relates my experiences in exploring the features and functions listed by OCAD AG as new or revised in version 11. I expect to navigate to, and inspect, 1-2 features a week minimum.  While generally I will be heading through the Renewals List in sequence, I will bypass items that I don’t use and that I think few orienteering or trail mappers will use. Generally I will be comparing to OCAD 10 and often will display OCAD 10 and OCAD 11 screen snips side by side.Earth from space

When I find issues, as in the first post coming up, I report those to OCAD AG. When the solution is provided, whether my mis-understanding, a fix or their placement on the OCAD 11 to do list or wish list, then that will be reported.

Your comments

If you have OCAD 11 knowledge on a post that is useful to other orienteering mappers, please do comment. Your comment may not appear immediately as it will be moderated. If you would like to be a guest journaller, then contact me.

Keep fresh

Why sweat over missing a post or five? Take the RSS feed at top right of this page or follow the top right sidebar to have those feeds emailed each day that a new post appears. The email version enables you to select just OCAD 11 Journal posts if you so wish.

Something you want to see soon

If there is an OCAD 11 function that you would like to have explored earlier than it appears in the list, then do let me know via Feedback on the website.