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A Closer Look at OCAD 2018 Features & Pricing

OCAD inc’s OCAD 2018 FAQ gives plenty of information. This post looks under the hood to see what those facts and figures might mean to our dowununder typical users.

Getting Started with OCAD Course Setting

OCAD 11 Course Setting has some great learning tools and here’s two of the simplest to get started.

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VIC, NSW, NZ Release Free Spatial Data

July saw Victoria follow NSW in making much of its spatial data free to access. New Zealand’s LINZ released a significant amount of aerial imagery with more to follow. I checked out the VIC release and created a quick guide for those not familiar with accessing spatial data.

Easy EPS Viewing

EPS viewing is easy after all. Missing from the digital print map Guides was a method of viewing a Condes course planning EPS file without having to buy Adobe Acrobat. Alister Metherell of NZ alerted me to IrfanView having that capability. As an IrfanView user for yonks I was very surprised but knowing Alister I […]

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