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Getting Starting with OCAD Cartography

OCAD 11 contains some great learning tools and here’s how to find two of them.

OCAD 11 File |New : Journal #1 addendum

Orienteering map symbol set Following an enquiry to OCAD AG, they advise how you can add custom symbol sets to the list shown when in File | New you select Map Type of Orienteering map. If you place a custom symbol set in the OCAD 11 default symbol folder (currently Program Files (x86)/OCAD/OCAD 11/Symbol), your symbol […]

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OCAD 11. File | Import : Journal #7

New symbol set or meld a map – colours to the top You’ve imported a new symbol set to an existing map, converted various symbols and then realise some of those symbols are not showing up on the map. Or maybe you have imported an existing map to meld with a new or adjacent map […]

Hepburn road names post feature image 642x50

OCAD 11. File | Import : Journal #5

Import OCAD file – the pain Ever imported an OCAD map or symbol set so you could replace many or all symbols and colours in the base map? I did when converting an orienteering map to a public recreation map. Converted my first few roads to the new symbols and wondered why they disappeared from […]

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OCAD 11. File | Import : Journal #4

OCAD 11 multiple file import OCAD 11 provides multi file import for Shape, DXF, GPX, NMEA and XYZ formats. I tried it with Shape files (Professional version of OCAD 11) and it worked well. If, like me, you often use Shape files to create base maps then you will find this a time saver. Selection […]

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