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ISOM 2017 colours

ISOM 2017 Colour Test

OCAD’s ISOM 2017 colours are tuned to digital press print. So how did they work out for 3 MTBO events?

ISOM 2017 cover

Updating to ISOM 2017

Having troubles with ISOM 2017 update? Many mappers are updating archive maps to ISOM 2017 and using ISOM 2017 for 2017 events. Some mappers have experienced issues in converting so this post provides links to useful information. And in Aiming off below, check out Mesa2, a top device for OCAD mapping in the field. (more…)

Could be a great nmtbo area

Working collaboratively on OCAD

Three situations that merit working collaboratively in OCAD. And will the Landa nanographics digital press significantly advance digital print maps for map sports?

Stochastic screening

Office Digital Printer – OKI C321dn

A Swiss experience of using Printech Project test sheet and offset printed colour swatches to test an OKI C321dn office laser for orienteering map print quality

Layout Layer

Get to Grips with Layout Layer: Six Tips

These six tips are a great introduction to using Layout Layer.

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