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OCAD Inc’s Advent Calendar

OCAD Inc’s Advent Calendar of useful functions is on Facebook and Twitter. And free Pretex delivery to Canberra.

Become More Productive with OCAD in 2017 – Part 2

Resolution for some OCAD matters that puzzled. Take a browse to up your OCAD productivity. The video at the end will also help.

Lerderder_Hypsometric map gs 250x334

New Hypsometric Ramps for OCAD DEM Based Maps

The mapper of smaller scale maps such as trail maps, may be interested to know that three new colour ramps have been added to the hypsometric tinting choices in a coming OCAD update.

ELVIS LiDAR data mapped via OCAD

How easy it is getting ELVIS LiDAR data into OCAD

image Elvis storm 1998

ELVIS rocks with LiDAR contours

ELVIS delivers 1m, 5m, 25m contours – free! ELVIS is Geoscience Australia’s new elevation information system. It is free, licenced under Creative Commons and makes public LiDAR data very accessible. Thank you to Russell Rigby, mapping convenor ONSW who made me aware of ELVIS. The LiDAR data available is; SRTM-derived 1 Second Digital Elevation Models […]

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