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Getting Starting with OCAD Cartography


The OCAD 11 Getting Started Guide

With a flurry of OCAD Starter editions sold in recent months this should be a useful guide. It is included with each

Bezier curve drawings
Bezier curve drawings

installation of OCAD 11 and you can easily access it via the Help menu in OCAD. It contains links to the OCAD wiki for fuller treatment of various items.

Or here it is. Getting Started in OCAD 11

Drawing Bezier curves

While the Guide covers the basics of drawing those wonderfully useful and professional looking Bezier curves, there is also a sheet of exercises (image at right) that I find very useful.  This Bezier exercises OCAD file is found in OCAD at File | Open Sample Map by selecting Samples / Bezier / BezierExercise.ocd

You will also notice a BezierExerciseResult.ocd file to check your attempt against. The image at right can also be used as a drawing template by loading it as a background image via Background Map | Open and navigating your way to the Samples / Bezier folder within the OCAD 11 program folder. Or if you want a version with English translation then download it here – Bezier exercise with English translation

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Bezier Curves, Illustrator Style

Adobe Illustrator logo

Adobe Illustrator mode for bézier curves

If you are or have been an Adobe Illustrator user, you might prefer to draw bézier curves in OCAD using that method.Bezier curve image

To activate, go to Options | Ocad Preferences | Drawing and Editing | Drawing Bézier Curves | Adobe Illustrator mode and turn it on.

If you have been used to Illustrator on Mac, then be aware that various command keys are different in Windows e.g. Command key in Mac becomes Control key in WIN.


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