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Getting Started with OCAD Course Setting

OCAD 11 Course Setting has some great learning tools and here’s two of the simplest to get started.

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Getting Starting with OCAD Cartography

OCAD 11 contains some great learning tools and here’s how to find two of them.


From GPS and Google Maps to Spatial Computing

Curious about spatial computing? Or more than curious? This course from the University of Minnesota via Coursera delves into spatial computing for geographic information systems (GIS). Now that might seem heavy going but the course caters for three different goals of participants; Curiosity – learn about one or two spatial concepts of interest to you […]

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Is that clearing worth mapping?

Another frequent poser occurs when mapping a track. Is a noticeable but shortish section of change in rideability feasible to show? I realised I would save a lot of time if I knew while in the field whether these and similar features would be distinguishable on the map.