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Survey re Indoor Maps

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Request for input to survey on indoor maps

I picked up this request via ANZMapS bulletin and considered there might be some instances of indoor orienteering maps. These appear to be relevant to the survey and furthermore the opportunity to place orienteering on the map is always worthwhile.

The request is from a Brazilian University, although I see the University of Nottingham is a participant.

The actual requestFloor plan

Dear all,

Could i please request your help for a study that we are doing to understand Indoor Schematic Maps for Indoor navigation. This research is done by Dr Luciene Delazari (Visiting Research Fellow) at NGI. We are thankful to Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico- CNPq and Brazilian Funding Agency (CAPES) for funding this research.

Though, there has been lot of research done on schematic maps as means for outdoor navigation (from in car navigation devices to smartphones), there has been very little research done on the use of schematic maps in Indoor navigation. In this study, we look into a casestudy of applying schematic maps for indoor navigation.

The survey will take only 15 minutes to complete and will directly input to a journal paper that we are working.

Your comment is welcome