Order Notes and Terms & Conditions

Firstly, a few notes to help with your order

Pay by EFT (direct deposit), cheque, PayPal, MasterCard, VISA. If you elect to pay via the latter three, you will be taken to the secure Paypal site (look for the special PayPal symbol in your browser URL window) to complete the transaction confidentially and then you can return to these pages.

EFT (direct deposit) saves you foreign exchange fees and avoids credit card exchange rates that always seem at the top end of the range.

Secondly, the price list in A$ and NZ$

Prices are displayed on the Shop page.  Pretex is supplied only in Australia.

Thirdly, Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions for OCAD orders are those of OCAD AG at OCAD AG General Terms and Conditions except that;

  • References to Swiss Francs (CHF) are to be replaced by AUD and NZD.
  • Applicable Victoria Australia or New Zealand warranty and consumer regulations regulations will apply where there is a conflict with the OCAD AG terms and conditions.

Quote rather than order? – suspended during Covid-19

A quote is mainly to enable not-for-profits to lock in an exchange rate while committee approvals are obtained. If the exchange rate has changed in your favour at the time of confirming an order within the quote validity, then you still get the benefit. Just place an order and on Checkout specify Direct Bank Transfer or Cheque (so you don’t pay with order). Treat the order as a quote which is  valid for 7 days. However sporting groups may request in the Checkout Order Notes panel, an expiry date to suit their next meeting and payment process but that may not be longer than 1 month.

Pricing and ordering

1. Price confirmation and validity

1.1 Unpaid orders, invoices and quotes are valid for 7 days unless a specific validity date is shown on the quote or invoice.

2. Payment

2.1 For A$ and NZ$ payments, the online Shop offers PayPal, Mastercard, VISA, EFT and cheque. Direct deposit details will be in order confirmation email and on invoice.
2.2 Clubs may request an invoice, have the software delivered and pay on their defined date. Payment must then be by EFT or cheque.

3. Order processing

3.1 When payment funds are confirmed;

  • OCAD download link and activation details are generally emailed within 2 clear business days.
  • Pretex will usually enter the delivery chain within 2-5 business days unless you requested otherwise or are notified otherwise.

4. Returns

4.1 As OCAD trial software may be downloaded for 21 day evaluation, no returns except as may be required by applicable consumer law in Victoria, Australia.

4.2 Pretex is the responsibility of the buyer from the time your order is lodged with Mailman or your nominated or agreed carrier. Pretex delivery via Mailman includes $500 insurance per ream.

5. Communication

5.1 Your order automatically adds you to our  occasional mailing which will advise of significant OCAD and Pretex news. You can alter this by email request or via the link at the end of any such bulletin.


Enjoy your map-making

I have for many years. It is very satisfying, great to be outdoors and learning ‘drawing’ is not so difficult with OCAD. Excellent video tutorials are available at ocad.com Thank you for your order.