OCAD 2018 Starter for Single User

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OCAD 2018 Starter, all the essential features for the street mapper, occasional mapper and club digital map librarian.



OCAD 2018 Starter for Single User

Starter has all the essential features for the occasional mapper.

Key features

  • Such great value!
  • All your basic drawing and editing functions.
  • Up to 10,000 map objects suits many map situations.
  • Manage 5 background maps concurrently.
  • Course Setting inclusion simplifies orienteering & rogaining map preparation.
  • Software and updates via download.

Ideal for…

  • The learner mapper.
  • The occasional mapper.
  • The club map librarian who needs more functionality than OCAD Viewer offers.
  • Clubs that want to economically encourage those interested in mapping.

Standard or Starter?

Think Starter will work for you but unsure? You can upgrade to Orienteering edition at any time and get a rebate on the unused portion of your OCAD 2018 Starter subscription.

Additional information

Licence type

New licence, Update from OCAD 11, Update from OCAD 12, Upgrade edition

Subscription term

1 year, 3 years


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