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OCAD subscription method of of licencing means updates are continuous for the life of your licence, unlike the old  3 year major version cycle. See OCAD wiki for What’s New.

Volume discounts: Discounts for 2 or more of the same edition (e.g. Orienteering) are built into the pricing. If buying single-user and  team of the same edition, then you will attract maximum discount by creating a line item for each edition type in the one order.

Updating. There is no price advantage to update an OCAD single-user edition versus ordering a new licence. Only if you wish to proceed with an update, enter the relevant licence number(s) and current licencees’ name in the Additional Information section of Checkout stage.

Upgrade to higher edition: If you wish to upgrade a 3 year subscription licence from one edition to a higher edition then contact me to arrange.  You will be charged a 3 year subscription for your new edition but rebated  the unused portion of your current edition. There is no upgrade path from Course Setting edition nor from OCAD 12 and earlier editions.

Note that prices may adjust daily as exchange rates fluctuate. 

NZ Customers please note

Due to an issue with currency conversion, NZ$ online ordering is temporarily unavailable. Until a fix is available, NZ customers can obtain a NZ$ quote by ordering in AU$ specifying payment via Direct Bank Transfer. I will then convert and send you a quote in NZ$. You can choose to pay via Direct Bank Transfer or request that I issue you with a payment demand via PayPal.  Unfortunately credit cards cannot be processed until the issue is fixed. The NZ$ price will likely be in the range of AU$ ex GST plus 5 to 10% but at this time (late March 2021), that could move to or even beyond 15%.

e.g.  if the ex GST price online is AUD 400 ex GST then the NZ price will be at least NZ$ 420 (no tax as it is an export).

Note that prices may adjust daily as exchange rates fluctuate but a quote will be valid for 5 days or to the date specified.