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Selecting OCAD Editions for an Orienteering Club

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Most clubsOCAD 11 Starter


The great value Starter editions for your occasional mappers. Standard for your power mappers. Free Viewer for anyone who needs to check out maps.


Starter does lack many functions of Standard. However, many are likely infrequently, if ever, used by occasional mappers. Some key ones to consider are;

  •  Large or highly detailed maps will be outside the limit of 10,000 map objects
  • Circle/ellipses and rectangular lines are commonly used drawing tools not available in Starter. Both can be effected in slower ways
  • Layout layer not available. Allows positioning of raster (.jpg etc) logos, advertisements etc
  • GPX import (often used for GPS files) and Open Street Map (OSM) are amongst imports not available
  • Exporting an OCAD Internet Map is not available.

Some clubsOCAD 11 Standard


Clubs that can afford to improve productivity for their not infrequent volunteer mappers could buy Standard for them as well as for their power mappers.


If Shape and OSM import or export required then Professional is needed. Similarly for creating OCAD Internet maps. Professional offers advanced productivity functions but in my reckoning, only orienteering professional mappers would likely notice those functions, let alone use them.

A few clubsOCAD 11 Professional


Any mapper preparing base maps frequently from GIS data (e.g. Shape files) and/or Open Street Map (OSM) extensively, will gain significant productivity from Professional. That could also be true if extensive import/export capabilities are required.


Productivity aside, if specialist requirements are uncertain over the next 2-3 years then perhaps stick to Standard knowing that an upgrade to Professional is always available.

Update considerations


I have found OCAD 11 (and 10) to be noticeably more productive than OCAD 9 and earlier.

OCAD 8 ‘club‘ license

The good news for OCAD  8 users is that you have every reason for updating and none for sticking to OCAD 8 (perhaps apart from cost). A few mappers mentioned OCAD 8’s ‘club’ license as a reason for sticking with OCAD 8. It isn’t a reason for sticking to OCAD 8 as OCAD 8 is a single PC license as with every OCAD version. (The license can be read in the OCAD 8 folder). The belief possibly came about when OCAD 9 introduced online activation. But that is simply a licence management method.

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