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Selecting CPU Power for OCAD

Comparing PC processors for OCAD

The recent post Choosing a PC to Run OCAD pointed to processor power as probably the most critical factor for good OCAD performance on large maps. But how do you compare Intel vs AMD CPUs for instance?

When I found this nifty table, I realised Intel vs AMD is only part of the story. I learnt;

  • that Intel i7 CPUs come in a wide range of power
  • that the raw rated power is an indication but not the final word. e.g. i7 990X 3.47GHz rates higher than i7 995X 3.6Ghz
  • that some i5 CPUs are faster than some i7 CPUs
  • that affordability places most of us a fair way down the list.

OCAD caveats

Bear in mind that OCAD uses only a single processor in a CPU whereas these benchmarks are using all processors on the CPU. And OCAD is 32-bit whereas many of these CPUs are 64-bit and furthermore are increasingly likely to be benchmarked using 64-bit software.

In the absence of tests of single processor power,  I assume the rated power (e.g. 3.6GHz) is an indicator of single processor performance. But ranking per the table may be important to you if you need multi-processor power for other reasons or want to prepare for the possibility that OCAD will go 64 bit within the life of your PC.

Select [Graph Notes] at the bottom of the benchmark page to read useful benchmark notes that could relate to OCAD.

Comments and corrections from PC techos will be welcome.


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