Question | Issue: Some OCAD dialogues block access

Issue: Some OCAD dialogues block access


Sub menus

Some larger sub-menus such as Map | Map Information,  cover main menu items, requiring an extra key stroke to get to them. It seems to me this is related to newer screen sizes such as 1366×768 which have a smaller depth to width ratio.

Selection lists

On some functions, the selection list goes off screen. OCAD has advised this is a quirk of an underlying software they use for that display function and there is little more they can do about it for the moment.

Fitting large panel

Fitting large panel


Sub menus

The Map Information sub-menu can be edged upwards by clicking its title bar and dragging up until the OK button at the bottom is just exposed enough to click. Else click the x at top right to escape or on some sub-menus just click outside the panel.

Selection lists

The Map Grid list displayed above was shown in full by moving the dialogue box (grey) to lower right of window before making a selection. If your list panel is even larger you can move the dialogue box right until the OK button just shows. Beyond that I don’t know the answer.


OCAD improved the selection list display  after I initially advised them of the issue so it now works as described in the above paragraph.

The sub menu issue will no doubt be resolved when their supplier sorts it.




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