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Issue: OCAD Offline Help is Offline

Issue (resolved)

An OCAD user wanted access to an offline version of Help. None is offered within OCAD 11. The Book production function in the OCAD Help Wiki looked promising but a combination of a broken link and unintuitive process brought me to a stop.


Selecting Help Wiki PDF
Selecting Help Wiki PDF
  1. OCAD has now activated the Download as PDF option (see image at right) in the online Wiki to produce the OCAD 11 Offline Wiki, a PDF containing Wiki content. Note you can also use the Create a Book option to select topics for a custom PDF.
  2. Further, the offline Help Wiki PDF is opened if you are not online when you click a help button in OCAD. The PDF will reside in the OCAD program directory in the sub folder ‘Wiki’.


Solution 1 above has been activated.

Solution 2 above has been activated.

OCAD has also made the current offline Help Wiki PDF available to download at


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