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Course Setting for Orienteering & Rogaining

OCAD 12 Course Setting image

Georeferenced background maps

CS Scale and Coords
Dialogue of take up of background map data

If the Course Setting OCAD background map is georeferenced, then you do not have to copy in its co-ordinate data to the CS map. You do need to set the CS scale to the scale of the background map (you will get a warning if it is different).

After loading the OCAD background map you will be presented with its co-ordinate information which is copied into the CS co-ordinate settings. Usually you simply press OK to accept.

Score event with points not equal control code

If the score for each control or checkpoint is identical to the control code, then OCAD Course Setting will work fine.

However, rogaines and enduro type score orienteering events such as Cyclic Navigator, allocate points that are not represented by the control/checkpoint number. For example control code 31 might have a score of 70.

OCAD Course Setting does not cater for that possibility. Therefore you should use Condes or other course setting software with your OCAD file as the background map.

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