About Pretex Map Paper

Why Pretex for maps?lightbulb

For orienteering, rogaining and leisure map use, Pretex map paper isn’t just another synthetic map ‘paper’. No synthetic comes close in terms of foldability, printability and price. It is of course water resistant and has tear resistance that is at least equivalent to a map bag.

Is Pretex recyclable? No. Pretex® is partially biodegradeable. It decomposes when biologically treated. The synthetic elements do not disintegrate, however, so no marketable compost is produced.

Read our 2009 Pretex Trials report on our research into synthetic stocks suitable for orienteering maps.

Pretex information

Pretex handling & tips Pretex product and processing

The Pretex product in Australia is 50.120 which is 120gsm.

See Resources page   for colour related information.

More detailed information can be found on LahnPaper’s website.

Map printing on PretexImage on paper or screen

Most modern production level (as used in commercial printeries) will handle Pretex. To avoid double feeds, it is strongly recommended that the Pretex be fed from a tray with an air-flow separator.

See Resources page   for a quick start to OCAD colour adjustments to suit Pretex.

If using Condes v9 or later, export PDF produces a press quality print PDF and overprint should be on by default. If using Condes v8 and wishing to achieve purple overprint, follow the colour advice in Achieving Overprint in Digital Print Maps, on the Resources page

Your local printery

If you  prefer to print locally then here are my key tips to assist you. Also take advantage of the samples to trial a print (below).

Tips from Ken for your printery;

  1. place the Pretex in a paper bin that has an airflow separator to avoid double sheet feeding.
  2. if offset printing using eco inks, follow Pretex recommendations explicitly, then allow extra days drying time.

Good quality map prints and least hassle

Jim Russell’s Stay in Control map printing will take care of your normal club and schools printing. In fact any maps requiring good quality but not needing the extra high quality demanded by championship and other major events.

You do not need to pre-order Pretex to print with Jim as he maintains a stock and will price that in.

Jim will help you through colour decisions as well as print your maps efficiently and economically. Contact Jim via email or 0411 125 178.

Highest quality map prints for major events

Port Melbourne company On Demand produced the high quality 2015 National Championships maps on Pretex using an HP Indigo. For larger events they appear to be competitively priced.

Samples for your printerySamples icon

A set of 5 x A4 size Pretex sheets for trialling will be posted on request. This is intended for your printery if it has a digital press listed on the compatibility chart.

Pretex is not recommended for home or small office laser printers as they generally run at a high heat that could melt the synthetics in Pretex.

Pretex is not suitable for inkjet printers.

Any queries?