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Online Mapping Course Returns

Maps and the Geospatial Revolution

This free online course is back again.

Learn how advances in geospatial technology and analytical methods have changed how we do everything, and discover how to make maps and analyze geographic patterns using the latest tools.

Make interesting maps like this


Map of USA Nobody lives here
Courtesy Niki Freeman’s mapsbynik blog

Or useful maps like a national public toilet map – oh, that’s already been done in Australia and New Zealand. The Christchurch tremors map and VIC fires maps are more well known  examples of pulling available data cleverly into a map.

Starts April 30

So sign up now for this Penn State Uni / CourseRA Maps & the Geospatial Revolution.

A tip

Part of the course assessment (last year anyway)  requires that you create forum entries and/or respond to other forum entries. Reading the forum the first week is fine but the volume quickly builds from the second week as course participants try and earn points. And as the volume goes up so the quality goes down as so many people are making fairly useless comments just to meet the requirement.

Unless you are going for accreditation or have plenty of time to spare, my advice is not to attempt to meet this requirement. I just did a quick scan of a few higher rated posts every week as they were usually very worthwhile either in interest or learning terms.


and another thing…

If the kids won’t let go of their mobiles, at least get them outdoors with them. A new adventure game that gets you off the couch and into the wild.




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