Features of OCAD for Orienteering

Features for individuals & clubs

Overarching performance factors in an orienteering cartography software

$ value

  • lower cost over 3 years than was OCAD 12 single-user
  • get 2 Teams licences for every single-user v12, v11 trade-in


  • the most features for orienteering mapping
  • simple to use DEM Wizard for lidar data
  • new File Wizard georeferences your base map


  • very, very high
  • occasional issues promptly resolved first line or OCAD hq


  • club official allocates & reallocates licences
  • great for temporary project workers
  • move tyro mappers from Starter to Orienteering easily

Future proofing

  • already delivered DEM, GPS, editing… see below
  • coming Lidar+, Sketchboard… see below

Version control

  • all Teams licences on same version always
  • OCAD in Cloud ensures consistent map versioning

Mapping features

OCAD lidar derived contours (green 5m, 25m) and topo contours (brown 10m, 50m) with OCAD derived knolls, small depressions and depression form lines.
OCAD lidar derived contours (green 5m, 25m) underlaying topo contours (brown 10m, 50m) with OCAD derived knolls, small depressions and depression form lines.

Released features

  1. File: Create DTM from Google Maps API option added to New Map Wizard.
  2. View: 64x Zoom supported.
  3. Select: Save Selection , Reload Selection and Edit Selection added to Orienteering edition.
  4. Editing Objects: Move overlapping Vertices/ Segments in one single step.
  5. Editing Objects: Snapping available in Orienteering Edition
  6. Symbol Set: Report added.
  7. Map: Check Legibility to validate your map meets the ISOM 2017 requirements.
  8. DEM: Create Contour Lines: Create smoothed contour lines using topographic position index (TPI).
  9. DEM: Create Contour Lines: Use different symbols for depressions.
  10. DEM: Create Contour Lines: Load symbols from template for faster assignment to the different types of contour lines.
  11. DEM: Extract landform or vegetation point features directly from DEM with the Extract Features function.
  12. DEM: Auto vectorise cliffs using Extract Cliff Features from Black Pixels function.
  13. GPS: Laser Rangefinder now available in Orienteering edition.
  14. GPS: Automatically use GPS position for drawing.
  15. Course Setting: IOF XML import added (course objects, courses, classes).
  16. Course Setting: Option for Continuous Control Numbering – added for one-man relays.
  17. Course Setting: Export Courses in KMZ format for Google Earth.
  18. Course Setting: Export Course Scheme as an OCAD file.
  19. Course Setting: Copy Course Scheme to clipboard as bitmap (raster).

Coming feature improvements

  • to LiDAR point cloud manager
  • to Legibility conformance – delivered
  • to New Map Wizard – delivered
  • to Course setting – delivered
  • and customer wish list items
  • see OCAD help wiki for current list