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First released in 1989, OCAD is available in 13 languages and is being used successfully in more than 65 countries.

Business and other sectors using OCAD include;

  • national institutes of cartography
  • land survey offices
  • government at regional, city and  community level
  • cartographic publishers
  • planning and engineering offices
  • education at secondary and tertiary level
  • the military
  • and last but certainly not least, the traditional base of sport and recreation clubs especially orienteering.

OCAD Software Range


  • Mapping Solution (combining the previous Professional and Thematic) for cartographic studios, trails & tourism, tertiary education, government, analysis.
  • Map Sport editions for orienteering, rogaining, adventure sport.

Each edition is supplied in 32-bit and 64-bit form.  Mapping Solution edition allows use of dBase or Excel/Access. See Database Compatibility.

Features introduced in 2018

  • Subscription model for “Single Users” and “Teams” (clubs, state level, projects, companies). Thanks to the subscription model, OCAD is constantly updated with new functions.
  • check legibility according to ISOM 2017,
  • create smoothed contour lines,
  • different symbols for depressions,
  • automatic extraction of vegetation and terrain objects,
  • 64x zoom support.

Mapping Solution edition

Mapping Solution edition imageAimed at improving the productivity of many professional cartographers.

This edition’s new features include;

  • Layout layer permits raster as well as vector artwork
  • WMS (Web Map Services) connection for faster acquisition of data
  • New drawing and editing tools
  • DEM (Digital Elevation Model) module for lidar data processing.
  • Shape file import and export.
  • Database handling
  • All Orienteering edition features.
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Map Sport editionsOrienteering edition image

This range of OCAD softwares comprises 3 editions aimed at orienteering, rogaining and adventure sport;

  • OCAD Orienteering, optimised for productive sport map making for clubs and frequent mappers
  • OCAD Starter, all the essential features for the occasional mapper
  • OCAD Course Setting, incorporated into Standard & Starter but also available stand alone.

This Orienteering edition’s features include;

  • Tool for verification of ISOM 2017 symbol size elements.
  • Layout layer permits raster as well as vector artwork.
  • New drawing and editing tools.
  • DEM (Digital Elevation Model) module for lidar data processing
  • Shape file import.
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History of OCAD

OCAD was established in 1989. It is the pre-eminent orienteering mapping software.

Early this century, OCAD successfully developed Professional edition for certain sectors of the general cartography market and has had significant success. Thematic edition followed. Mapping Solution now incorporates Professional and Thematic.

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Page down that history to view the detail in the very first OCAD map produced.

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