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OCAD HQ Starts Blogging


OCAD better informs us

The ‘new’ OCAD AG (hq) blog is a welcome addition to their information services. Complementary to our Australasian oriented blog, their news will better cover new features and re-learnings of OCAD.

OCAD 11 users, from version 11.3.14 (1809) you will get new blog entries displayed when you start up OCAD. You can turn this off in Options | OCAD Preferences | General. Users of earlier versions can subscribe via RSS under the Meta heading bottom right column of the blog.

Flavour of blog posts to come

These topics to date indicate the type of information in future posts to this blog;

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The latter may appeal for checking control sites on a GPS enabled smart phone. However, if under any tree cover and your phone is anything like my HTC Desire S , I would continue using a handheld GPS for that purpose 😉

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