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OCAD Features Fast Start Downunder

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OCAD features start working for you earlier

More days have been cut from delivery of OCAD licences downunder. The saving of days in delivery has taken another leap with OCAD HQ accepting my proposed process to speed up activation of new and update licences in Australia and NZ.

Instead of waiting 2 – 7 days for the CD to arrive from me, you will usually have a download link and activation information via email just one business day after your order. A CD will still be supplied later as required by Swiss tax law.

OCAD 11– introducing more than 100 new features

If you, or mappers you know, have not yet updated to OCAD 11, then here are just some reasons why you should;Layout Layer

  • The map layout layer allows you to add peripheral information to a map like logos, images, titles as well as auto-generated map legends, treated separately from the map content. This will make it easier to Reshape functionproduce your final map.
  • Several new drawing and editing tools reduce the amount of working steps to a minimum. The new drawing function
  • The ‹digital elevation model› module for calculating contour lines, relief shading and cliffs has been Relief shadingenhanced to enable the use of new data sources. Moreover it is much faster, due to splitting the ‹digital elevation model› into tiles while calculating contour lines.

So you get everything you need to facilitate your mapping process.

[button link=”” color=”green”]Upgrade to OCAD 11 today[/button] and profit from regular service up-dates.



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