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OCAD 11 File |New : Journal #1 addendum

Orienteering map symbol set

Following an enquiry to OCAD AG, they advise how you can add custom symbol sets to the list shown when in File | New you select Map Type of Orienteering map.

If you place a custom symbol set in the OCAD 11 default symbol folder (currently Program Files (x86)/OCAD/OCAD 11/Symbol), your symbol set will show up by default in the Topographic, city or leisure map group. If you wish to have that symbol set display in the Orienteering map type group, then you need to edit (or create) the file OrienteeringMapList.User.txt and place in that, the file name of your symbol set.

The Help wiki has been amended to show this. See previous post for an image of this File | New dialogue.


Take care not to edit the existing file OrienteeringMapList.Default.txt. However this file is useful to inspect for the corrwect format when creating the user version of the file. Here are the first few lines of that default file.

// Please do not edit this file! OCAD Updater replaces this file automatically.
// Add the user-defined symbol sets for Orienteering maps in file ‘OrienteeringMapList.User.txt’.
Orienteering Map 5 000 ISSOM.ocd
Orienteering Map 10 000.ocd


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