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OCAD 11 Journal of Exploration

Ken’s foray into OCAD 11

This diary relates my experiences in exploring the features and functions listed by OCAD AG as new or revised in version 11. I expect to navigate to, and inspect, 1-2 features a week minimum.  While generally I will be heading through the Renewals List in sequence, I will bypass items that I don’t use and that I think few orienteering or trail mappers will use. Generally I will be comparing to OCAD 10 and often will display OCAD 10 and OCAD 11 screen snips side by side.Earth from space

When I find issues, as in the first post coming up, I report those to OCAD AG. When the solution is provided, whether my mis-understanding, a fix or their placement on the OCAD 11 to do list or wish list, then that will be reported.

Your comments

If you have OCAD 11 knowledge on a post that is useful to other orienteering mappers, please do comment. Your comment may not appear immediately as it will be moderated. If you would like to be a guest journaller, then contact me.

Keep fresh

Why sweat over missing a post or five? Take the RSS feed at top right of this page or follow the top right sidebar to have those feeds emailed each day that a new post appears. The email version enables you to select just OCAD 11 Journal posts if you so wish.

Something you want to see soon

If there is an OCAD 11 function that you would like to have explored earlier than it appears in the list, then do let me know via Feedback on the website.



2 thoughts on “OCAD 11 Journal of Exploration

  1. I’m a little bit jealous. 🙂 I’m an OCAD user since 1996 but the last version what I bought is the 9. That’s means I cannot try the beta version now. I hope that the new version will be again a state of art Swiss Knife for mapping.
    PS. here one of my old map created in OCAD7.

    1. When I look at your OCAD 7 maps I am somewhat jealous! Great work. I found a few places we visited for the 5-Days in 1976? And Anitra was at Worlds Champs in 1983. Andras, I believe there are many still using OCAD 8 and 9. That is why I started the Journal. It is intended to give you information prior to the release of OCAD 11, that will enable you to evaluate its value in your circumstance. So far it is looking very Swiss Knife. Thanks for your comment, Ken

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