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New Non-commercial Nearmap Offer

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Nearmap appears not to offer personal accounts any longer. Your can check out their licence offerings at

If you are in Queensland then check out the post on Queensland Globe service.



Limited time offer for Nearmap

Check out their just announced offer for Australian personal users. Available over next 7 days (their email to me is dated Monday 15th September).

Option 1 is $99 for 1 year of 50MB per month.

Option 2 is $199 for 1 year of 250MB per month and for the first 2 months you get unlimited usage.

Now I cannot guarantee it still applies, but when I took out my $99 package a few months ago I got unlimited usage for 1 month. That was great for downloading all the areas I felt I would be most likely to want in the following year or so.

Watch your usage

50MB might seem a lot but ‘downloading’  includes what you view as you locate the area you want. That can drive up the MB very quickly. You need to use judicious searching to locate your target area and then select the area with minimum fuss.

My opinion

I love it. Even though I don’t use it each month, my $99 package is great value. Similar reports have been coming in from other orienteering users.

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