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Even More Productivity Hints for OCAD 11

Replace colour of multiple symbols

Especially when printing digital laser maps, adjustments to IOF/OA colours are sometimes required. This could involve multiple symbols. A quick way is to select all those symbols then Symbol | Replace | Color | Selected symbols.

Methods of selecting symbols to change colour

If you want to change only some symbols from one colour to another then selecting the required symbols with CTRL/click is quick.

However if you want to change all symbols that contain a certain colour to use another colour, then it is easiest to use Select | By color | pick color. Then go back to Select for the symbol replacement as above.

Symbol tree sub-groups

After adding a sub-group, to change the default ‘New group’ name, single click, wait, single click to enable editing of the name. Double click gets you nowhere (at least when you use single click selection system wide).

Collaborating over an event map

Bookmark create
Bookmark create

Bookmarks are handier than pink circles + text for exchanging info between event officials. Bookmarks functions are accessed in View | Bookmarks. To create a bookmark, prepare the map view that you wish to show the recipient, select Create and complete the dialogue as shown at right. The person viewing a bookmark is presented with that same view and the comment is shown at left of the status bar.

Headtorch tips

I guess most bush orienteers who also rogaine will have head torches. I’ve found far more use for mine outside the sports. A couple of tips;

  1. Keep one in the car. Great at night when changing a wheel and for map or book reading if no map light in your car.
  2. Do not look at the lens while turning on on to check the mode – inevitably it will be searchlight mode and you won’t see anything for a while ]-:

OCAD for map librarians

OCAD Viewer image

The club or organisation digital map librarian often needs to view maps and sometimes print or export them as other than OCAD files. If the librarian is not a mapper/cartographer, then they will need a version of OCAD that is lowest cost.

The free OCAD edition

OCAD 11 Viewer enables the map librarian to do rather more than simply view maps. The librarian can print, export, save  (OCAD 11 only) and even hide/unhide symbols.  Check out Viewer functionality in the chart below then download OCAD 11 Viewer now from

The low cost OCAD editionOCAD 2018 Starter edition image

If the librarian does require greater functionality than OCAD11 Viewer offers, such as saving in OCAD 10 or 11 format, then OCAD 2018 Starter is a great solution. A very attractive price yet it offers much more than basic capability. Check out Starter capabilities from the chart below.

For a detailed (4 pages) look at the functionality of Viewer and Starter, [button link=””  window=”yes”]2018 functionality chart[/button]





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