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More Productivity Hints from Mark for OCAD 11

Mark's Maps '13

 Activate 2nd screen window easily

I don’t draw maps from fieldwork so I tend to frequently move between Ocad and my source material on a second screen. Here is a recent discovery which makes this easier.

Go to Control Panel | Ease of Access | Make the mouse easier to use and switch on Activate a window by hovering over it with the mouse. Now when you return to Ocad after using a different window you won’t have to wake it up with a click before you can start drawing.

There is a moment’s delay before activation, which means you can sweep past multiple windows without activating each one. OCAD 11 has a minor display glitch in the menu which causes it to flicker when it is activated so you can tell it has happened.

Cutting out from just one side of a double line

Double line cutout image
Double line cutout

Didn’t think you could do this? The top line is what I started with. I could have picked a simple double line but wanted to show what happens with the centre fill.

The black edge lines are cut by selecting a point on the edge and holding that mouse button down while moving to the cut’s end point. Release the button and that line segment is gone. I also tried it on the centre fill but as you can see, it simply removed all elements of that cut segment.

This is documented under Cut Line in the OCAD 11 wiki but can be overlooked as it is an aside.

Next up

No and low cost OCAD 11 solutions for digital map librarians.

3 thoughts on “More Productivity Hints from Mark for OCAD 11

  1. Never has a suggestion given me so much grief. After “activate 2nd window easily” I kept changing windows when I didn’t want to. And it took me several goes to turn it off. After a week of trialling it (I tried:-)) I had become averse to moving the mouse any more than strictly necessary, and so I didn’t see that I needed to “save” the setting. Grrrr.

    1. :-)) I tried it also Michael. My dexterity with mouse, and probably PC generally, was not up to the task. After 36 years of PCs & Macs (I can’t recall when I first had a mouse), I’ll put it down to lessening hand-eye coordination. But I can see that someone with dexterity would find the technique advantageous.

    2. I takes a bit of getting used to Michael! If I could work out a way to switch the feature off and on easily I would consider switching it on while drawing a map and off the rest of the time.

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