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Pretex colour table

This colour table, originated by Jim Russell and tested by Ken Dowling, was developed for the Bush Rangers 2009 carnival. It was tweaked slightly for Easter 2013. This colour swatch is as close as we have been able to get to the OA Printech Offset master, using Konica Minolta 6501 series digital presses.

[button link=”” style=”download”  button window=”yes”]Pretex colour files (zip)[/button]

OCAD 11 file version. Use Map | Load Colors From… to replace existing colours or add to them. Or use Color swatch dialog.

XLS, TXT, OCAD 11 file version.  Use Map | Colors | Open color swatch dialog… | Load color swatch to replace all or selected colours.

The XLS and TXT formats are useful for offline modification. These can be created with the Map | Colors |Report function.

Pretex print quality

[button link=”” style=”download” button window=”yes”]Pretex print and colour experience. PDF 1 pg[/button]

[button link=”” style=”download” button window=”yes”]Pretex handling & other tips. PDF 1 pg[/button]

Quick guides to OCAD North & Scale Symbols

OCAD 10 onwards Layout Layer enables insertion from a range of North symbols and Scale bars. Rather than check those out one at a time, have these PDFs on hand for a quick selection when the time comes. Each is a 1 page PDF.

[button link=”” style=”download”] button window=”yes”Show me the OCAD north arrow graphic set[/button]

[button link=”” style=”download” button window=”yes”]Show me the OCAD scale bar graphic set[/button]

Producing Digital Print Maps

The quality of digital print maps has improved dramatically these last few years as people become aware that getting a good result from digital print is a lot more difficult than getting a good result from traditional offset print. I like to think these guides, which have long been in these mapping resources, have helped people improve production of digital maps.

[button link=”’s-Simple-Guide-to-Digital-Print.pdf” style=”download” button window=”yes”]Course Planner’s Simple Guide to Digital Print, PDF 20 pages[/button]

[button link=”” style=”download” button window=”yes”]Achieving Overprint in Digital Print Maps, PDF 20 pages[/button]

[button link=”” style=”download” button window=”yes”]A Digital Press Operator’s Guide to Process Orienteering Maps, PDF 21 pages[/button]

[button link=”” style=”download” window=”yes”]ISO and Orienteering maps, PDF, 1 page – this is an active PDF which you must download to your disk if it does not play in your browser window[/button]

Services for orienteer mappers

Some recent requests led me to believe there may be other OCAD 8 and OCAD 9 users facing the same problems. So I am offering these two services to orienteer mappers in Australia and New Zealand. Because these services are solely for straightforward, no issue operations on your file, they are free.

Open Street Map (OSM) files for OCAD 8, 9OSM symbols

An OSM file in GPX or other OCAD compatible format supplied by you, will be imported. An OCAD 8 or OCAD 9 georeferenced map file will then be created and returned to you. If a symbol conversion reference file is not provided by you then OCAD’s standard OSM to OCAD symbol reference file will be applied. For either method it is your task to convert the OSM symbols that are left unconverted. Please note that I am not familiar with OSM file structures so regretfully cannot assist beyond the conversion.

ISOM 2010 mtb-o symbols for OCAD 8, 9ISM MTBO 2010 symbols

Creating new symbols can be a pain. However, send me your OCAD 8 or 9 file and I will quickly add the eight 2010 symbols to your symbol table ready for conversion from the old style symbols. The symbols’ colour 107 Black will be added to the top of your colour table where you can easily move or delete it after changing symbols’ colour. How easy is that?

Georeferencing orienteering maps

This service is intended for club map libraries and is a paid service. Please refer to the Cartographic Services page.

For information on georeferencing read my February 2013 post.

If you are looking for information on how to do it then check out these further mapping resources;

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Pretex fibre+synthetic for maps

Pretex is probably the most used water resistant stock for orienteering maps in Europe and is also used there for commercial leisure maps. In Australia it has been in use since 2008 and in New Zealand since 2010.

Why Pretex? Read our Pretex Trials report below for detail but in essence it is the most foldable water resistant map stock available and its 120gsm digital product (50-120) is compatible with many recent digital presses. Pretex is part wood fibre and part synthetic.

Pretex is not available in Australia except from Ken Dowling via MapSport Cartographic. For digital (laser) map printing in VIC, Jim Russell of Stay in Control prints on Pretex. For VIC digital (laser) map printing such as badge event and above that demands exceptionally high standards, try On Demand, the printer of the 2015 National Championships maps.

With care and attention to detail by map and printer, many recent high level digital presses are capable of producing maps to the standard of the Marginata (ACT) maps for a 2011 WRE (World Ranking Event), normally the domain of offset printing. While digital cannot (yet) print to the quality of offset, the hugely lower cost is an acceptable trade-off except in the case of major IOF events.

Those digital press settings are translatable to other digital presses and are in the document above A Digital Press Operator’s Guide to Process Orienteering Maps.

Orienteering  and rogaining clubs and associations in Australia are invited to order Pretex. Pricing is about half that of synthetics such as Durapaper. NZ clubs can buy from a NZ paper merchant.

For further information read the items following or contact Ken or Jim for further information.

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Lahn Paper, a world renowned producer of specialty papers, is the manufacturer of Pretex.

Any queries?

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