Mapping Resources

Pretex colour table

NOTE: this section will shortly include results of testing OCAD Inc’s colour recommendations for ISOM 2017 digital print.

This colour table, originated by Jim Russell and tested by Ken Dowling, was developed for the Bush Rangers 2009 carnival. It was tweaked slightly for Easter 2013. This colour swatch is as close as we have been able to get to the OA Printech Offset master, using Konica Minolta 6501 series digital presses.

Pretex colour files (zip)

OCAD 11 file version. Use Map | Load Colors From… to replace existing colours or add to them. Or use Color swatch dialog.

XLS, TXT, OCAD 11 file version.  Use Map | Colors | Open color swatch dialog… | Load color swatch to replace all or selected colours.

The XLS and TXT formats are useful for offline modification. These can be created with the Map | Colors |Report function.

Pretex handling

Keep your Pretex well wrapped to minimise dust and dirt. Have it in your printery of chocie 48hours prior to printing to ensure it is acclimatised. Don’t forget to specify that Pretex, to avoid double feeding, must be fed via a bin with air separation of sheets.

Pretex handling & other tips

Quick guides to OCAD North & Scale Symbols

OCAD 10 onwards Layout Layer enables insertion from a range of North symbols and Scale bars. Rather than check those out one at a time, have these PDFs on hand for a quick selection when the time comes. Each is a 1 page PDF.

OCAD north arrow graphics OCAD scale bar graphics

Producing Digital Print Maps

The quality of digital print maps has improved dramatically these last few years as people become aware that getting a good result from digital print is a lot more difficult than getting a good result from traditional offset print. I like to think these guides, which have long been in these mapping resources, have helped people improve production of digital maps.

Course Planner’s Simple Guide to Digital Print Achieving Overprint in Digital Print Maps

Services for orienteer mappers

I provide some free services, listed below. to licenced OCAD users. Please provide with your request your OCAD licence #, licencee name and OCAD version.

If you have a requirement that is not listed then do ask.  Since updating to OCAD 2018 I can no longer provide files in OCAD 9 format.

Georeferencing orienteering maps

Georeferencing has become easier and easier. Nevertheless, if you need to do it only occasionally it can be troublesome. Send the file to me along with a description of the location e.g. Bullarto P.S. near Daylesford.

For information on georeferencing;

Creating kmz files for MyOMaps organisers

I can georeference and/or create kmz files to suit MyOMaps events.

Splitting Lidar data sets into manageable chunks

If you have not the RAM nor processing power then let me know the file size and type and I’ll check if I can handle it. If so, I can pull off just the area you need.

If the requirement is to split the Lidar file into a large number of chunks for future ease of access, then there will be a charge for that as it is very time consuming.

Exporting a Shape file

You might need to provide a Shape data set to define a Lidar area. I have Mapping Solution edition thus can export a Shape data set. Send me a map image with the area outlined or send co-ordinates of a rectangle. I will create the Shape file which you can import into OCAD 2018 or 12 to check.

Any queries?