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LIDAR use for WOC’12 Maps

WOC'12 O map Givrin

LIDAR delivers vegetation and contours

LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) is known to orienteering mappers a method of develop contours and plotting various features. Perhaps few know of the application of LIDAR to plot vegetation types and boundaries.

An article published in the Swiss O magazine in 2012 described how LIDAR significantly assisted accurate elevation and vegetation cartography for WOC’12. The vegetation interpretation was the result of a joint effort between OCAD AG and the WOC mappers and that functionality is available to you in OCAD 11. You can read here the English translation, a PDF of 2pp by Thomas Gloor, CEO of OCAD AG.

Image detail

The images in the PDF image strip can be viewed in more detail by selecting the images in this gallery.

Further reading

There are two other English translated articles in the same series.

  1. Print Techniques and the OCAD Layout Layer can be accessed from my previous post Swiss Maps Swap 5 colours for 4
  2. Sprint Maps will be published in the March 2013 edition of The Australian Orienteer.

A coming post will give a snapshot of Bendigo Orienteering Club’s successful use of LIDAR. Don’t miss hot topics – subscribe to all or a selection of posts from this website via the Get Fresh with Us block in the sidebar on the right.

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