Tips for using OCAD’s SASPlanet guide

Google satellite image

Downloading Georeferenced Satellite Images

A few notes to clarify the generally good wiki instructions.

  • 2. I find the selection of extent is better done in 3, after opening the Selection Manager tool which is the second menu symbol.
  • 3. The Selection Manager allows varied means of selection. For a rectangle, your 2nd click starts the drawing.
  • 3. Then select the Stitch tab. The settings shown work well. Do select an appropriate folder for the resultant background image.
  • 3. The image above is zoom level 20. Higher zoom levels significantly increase data volume as does selecting png rather than jpg.
  • 7. If your map coordinate system is not Google Mercator (mine was GDA94/MGA94), then you need to select Transform so as to identify Google Mercator as the coordinate system of the Image.
Input screen if SASPlant coord system varies from your map coord system

Faced with the realisation that SASPlanet is not from a source known to me and also is delivered as an executable, I was rather nervous. OCAD’s endorsement was a promising start, soon diminished somewhat in finding SASPlanet wikipedia entry is in Russian. OSM’s wiki entry is brief.
However, after a fair bit of searching I came to the conclusion that the risk is acceptable. The latest version is in BitBucket 17MB. Do please use Comments to let us know how useful it is to you.

Easy Georeferencing with OCAD 2018

OCAD New Map Wizard OSM

Georeference with OCAD 2018 New Map Wizard

Use New Map Wizard to haul in a georeferenced OSM (Open Street Map) covering the area of your un-georeferenced map. Save the resulting OCAD map then use it as a background map to georeference your target map.

Tips for best results

  • Best features to use are well defined road junctions.
  • Avoid roundabouts, curves, tracks as they tend to be less precise.
  • Start with just 4 points well spread.
  • Then if some lines don’t match well, select more points for the next round.
  • A wonky old map could take 3 or 4 rounds.
  • Any more and you need to consider rubber sheeting or starting a new map.

More learning

A 1m 30s video of the New Map Wizard

OCAD helo wiki on the same topic