OCAD ISOM 2017 colour table changed 26.6.18

ISOM 2017 digital presss colours
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The background

When OCAD first released their ISOM 2017 templates, the colour table was the result of testing on a Xerox Versant digital press.

The 26 June 2018  release of OCAD 2018 saw the colour table, for the ISOM 2017 templates, change to fit with the newly released Appendix 1 of ISOM 2017

Appendix 1 is specified for CMYK offset printing.

Should you be worried?

The new OCAD colours (to ISOM spec) for ISOM 2017 are different from the first release.

Thus you need to be aware that maps from the new ISOM 2017 template might not produce your expected colours in print on a digital press. If you do find an unacceptable difference then you should consider retaining the old template for maps to be produced on a digital press and using the new template only for offset printing.