Easy Georeferencing with OCAD 2018

OCAD New Map Wizard OSM
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Georeference with OCAD 2018 New Map Wizard

Use New Map Wizard to haul in a georeferenced OSM (Open Street Map) covering the area of your un-georeferenced map. Save the resulting OCAD map then use it as a background map to georeference your target map.

Tips for best results

  • Best features to use are well defined road junctions.
  • Avoid roundabouts, curves, tracks as they tend to be less precise.
  • Start with just 4 points well spread.
  • Then if some lines don’t match well, select more points for the next round.
  • A wonky old map could take 3 or 4 rounds.
  • Any more and you need to consider rubber sheeting or starting a new map.

More learning

A 1m 30s video of the New Map Wizard https://www.screencast.com/t/vOO49aEr5Fzb

OCAD helo wiki on the same topic https://ocad.com/wiki/ocad/en/index.php?title=New_Map_Wizard