OCAD 2018 runs on Linux

OCAD on Linux Ubuntu image

OCAD now open to Linux users

OCAD runs on Ubuntu using Wine.

For more read ocad.com/blog/2018/05/run-ocad-on-linux

Easy Georeferencing with OCAD 2018

OCAD New Map Wizard OSM

Georeference with OCAD 2018 New Map Wizard

Use New Map Wizard to haul in a georeferenced OSM (Open Street Map) covering the area of your un-georeferenced map. Save the resulting OCAD map then use it as a background map to georeference your target map.

Tips for best results

  • Best features to use are well defined road junctions.
  • Avoid roundabouts, curves, tracks as they tend to be less precise.
  • Start with just 4 points well spread.
  • Then if some lines don’t match well, select more points for the next round.
  • A wonky old map could take 3 or 4 rounds.
  • Any more and you need to consider rubber sheeting or starting a new map.

More learning

A 1m 30s video of the New Map Wizard https://www.screencast.com/t/vOO49aEr5Fzb

OCAD helo wiki on the same topic https://ocad.com/wiki/ocad/en/index.php?title=New_Map_Wizard

Looking for Indoor Orienteering Symbol Set?

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Indoor orienteering symbols sets

OCAD Indoor O symbol set
OCAD Indoor O symbol set

You can download these at scales of 1:100, 1:200 and 1:400 from www.ocad.com/en/documents

These are OCAD files. You can either

  • rename the file to act as a template (in which case I suggest you make it read-only
  • or import into an existing map file via Map > Load colours & symbols from…

Rotating object by angle

Rotating objects by specified angle

Especially useful after applying the angle to get to magnetic north. You are often left with a number of symbols, especially text, that also need rotated. Accurate and fast rotation can be effected via Object>RotateObject>Enter angle

Select the object, select the action, enter the angle – usually the same as the Grid Magnetic Angle that you applied and in the same direction. If reverse direction, just enter a minus sign before the angle you want.

You can select multiple symbols in the usual ways such as Select all instances of a symbol, holding CTRL while you select various symbols.

A nice touch is that in the same session, the angle is still there when you go back again for that overlooked symbol instance.

See also changing the angle of text.

What’s easier than the rotate tool to angle text, crossing points etc?

Ken you have been unobservant. Immediately left of the Rotation icon on the toolbar  is the Direction icon as highlighted below. Select the symbol instance then select the Direction tool and stroke the symbol instance in your preferred direction.

Indicate direction tool icon

In the menu it is Object | Indicate direction of area pattern, point or text object. Below are examples of the Direction tool applied. OCAD Help.

Angled example images