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Hidden value in OCAD 2018 Team editions

Team OCAD edition image

An even closer look at OCAD 2018 valueOCAD Orienteering edition image

Before  the release of OCAD 2018 in March, I wrote a warts and all post on the features and value of OCAD 2018.

Since then I have become aware of a significant value that may not be readily apparent to current personal users and their clubs.

Achieve lower cost & greater flexibilityOCAD 2018 Starter edition image

Clubs could approach their members who hold OCAD licences with a view to transferring their licence to the club.

Win-win on cost

The individual is freed of the cost. The club enjoys the volume discount of up to 20% when traded in with other licences.

Win-win on flexibility

The individual still has access to OCAD with the benefit of the version being always up to date. There is an extra licence within the club which may be available to another mapper and all those Team licence mappers are on the same version.

If the club chooses to use the OCAD in the cloud facility, then not only are OCAD versions consistent, so are map file versions. Multi version control simplified.

How it worksOCAD 2018 Course Setting edition image

Some clubs and state associations in recent years have moved to funding volume purchases of OCAD. This is a trend that now has even more benefits.

Many individual mappers already benefit the club hugely by bearing some or all of not inconsiderable expense in mapping. So relieving those mappers of any outlay for OCAD updates can be a very practical and meaningful thank you to those mappers.  In some circumstances it may be the difference between a person taking up or continuing mapping, and not.

Those clubs or state associations that are sufficiently funded can consider a volume purchase of OCAD Team licences including Orienteering, Starter and Course Setting. Even Mapping Solutions if some advanced features are required.

New and not so well funded clubs could apply for grants for this purpose. Some state associations can provide information on current grant opportunities. Else check with your local council and state government sports department.

If individual licence holders are willing to transfer their licence to the club, then the club gets 2 Team licences for that single-user licence. Using the new Team licence management facility, the club then allocates one of those licences back to the individual. The other can be allocated to a new club mapper, a mapper who is ready to advance from Starter or a project mapper.

If that individual normally uses OCAD on a desktop and a laptop, then both licences are allocated to the individual. While the club doesn’t gain a licence in this case, it has reciprocated the individual’s mapping effort and has reduced the licence cost due to the volume purchase.

What next?OCAD Mapping Solutions image

Download a s/sheet template, complete it with club and individual licencee details, send it to me and I will confirm to you the likely result and cost.



Up to 3 weeks prior to a club meeting, I can provide a quote that is valid for up to 3 business days after the meeting. At time of order, the lowest of the quote or that day’s exchange rates will apply.

2 thoughts on “Hidden value in OCAD 2018 Team editions

  1. Hi Ken,

    I have Ocad 11.

    I plan to start mapping using a tablet in the field. If I upgrade to Ocad 2018 I understand that I can use Ocad for my computer and also for the tablet in the field.

    However if I surrender my licence to the club and get 2 licences, one for myself and the other for another club member. Would I still be able to use my licence for my tablet and my home computer as well as the other person having the other licence. I don’t think this is addressed in the documentation I’ve seen.


    Terry Bluett

    1. Hi Terry

      Each Teams licence has only 1 activation whereas single-user has the option of requesting a 2nd activation. Note that the 2nd activation may be used only by the primary licence holder. Your described usage is one that will be approved for a 2nd activation.

      See for info. Particularly the 2st section and the Subscription Model: Options… section, 1st table.

      The lowest cost way of achieving your aims is to update your licence to 2018 single-user (by 31st October) and purchase a new single-user licence. It may be worth checking if Starter would satisfy the other user as that would be a further saving.

      Regards, Ken

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