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GNS 2000 Plus has 1 second recording

Correction to recent post

In my recent post on this device I sated that it recorded only every 5 seconds. Thanks to a tip from Rob Plowright who has an earlier model, I found that when transmitting via Bluetooth, you get 1 second records. In fact you get up to 3 records per second.

This makes the GNS 2000 Plus even more useful.

A quick look

The GNS 2000 Plus records a track point to the device every 5 seconds. However, data transmitted to a smart device via Bluetooth, whether or not also recording to the GNS device, gives 1 second intervals.

The GNSS Commander file records into its own data file only every second. This app is intended for high level use in that it handles data in respect of DGPS land stations. Therefore I believe the additional transmits to an external app such as OruxMaps may be a means of ensuring that at least one data record per second will get through in a more demanding environment.

Tip: If setting the function to record on the GNS device, carefully observe that the green light flashes quickly 3 times as the switching to effect this is time sensitive.

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