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File | Send file by email : OCAD 11 Journal #2

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Club mappers rejoice

Without exiting OCAD 11, you can in this single dialogue, package up your map along with these optional items;

  • background maps
  • layout layer (great new feature in OCAD 11)
  • databases (professional version)
  • Digital Elevation Model (professional version).

Screen snip: dialogue for Send file by email

When you send, the package is zipped up to reduce bandwidth and transmission time. So if you are co-operating on a map then it becomes so much easier and more error proof.

Connection to your email

The connection to your email system relies on some standards and some conventions.

I found that connecting to my web based email did not work despite having a SendMail file association in place which works with other apps. OCAD AG is investigating.

The OCAD wiki on the topic.

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