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DIY NearMap

NearMap logo

Vale NearMap

More than a few orienteer mappers are missing NearMap and its useful Hypertiles app. While we still have access to images that we downloaded, it can be difficult to find the image we want, there is no seamless transition from image to image and we lose zooming.

Hail eBee

eBee aerial photographer
eBee aerial photographer

But there is a solution. The Sensefly eBee is now available in Australia and offers these functions;

  • fly your specific requirements when you want
  • up to 10 coverage per flight
  • packs into a trunk that fits in your car
  • accompanying software produces georeferenced mosaics
  • and DEM files for contours.

Orienteering Australia’s next grant submission?

I don’t know the price but I am guessing we might need to come up with additional uses to justify 😉

  • aid to coaching – eBee could be the eye in the sky tracking an orienteer in action for the coach to critique
  • event coverage – instant aerial shots of major events for the media
  • controlling – send eBee out to validate the positioning of controls (a great help to our ageing controller cohort)

Read all about it …

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