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Condes v9 Released

Condes and OCAD

Either of these course planning softwares delivers features in a new version for the other to follow in their next version. A competitive cycle that is good for orienteering. I don’t decry other such softwares such as Corpse and  Purple Pen. It is just that I have no experience of those.

[box type=”alert” size=”large” style=”rounded”]Some Australian users experience a download of about 20KB instead of 11MB. The reason is so far unknown and does not appear to be browser related. I had a successful download 2 days after a series of mis-loads. Contact Condes or myself if you have this issue and we can provide an alternative that is so far OK[/box]

Some of the new features

Firstly, Condes 9 supports OCAD 11 Layout Layer.

The new features are extensive and many solve quite complex matters in planning of relays and specialist courses. As you would expect, a lot of attention has been paid to course layout and control description features. While helping test the PDF export I discovered the following features amongst many and also noted a distinct improvement in the user interface.

PDF exportAdobe PDF icon

From my viewpoint as someone often  engaged in, and fielding questions on, map printing, the most important new feature is PDF Export. You can now do away with EPS from Condes and get high quality PDFs that you can check before they get to the printer. Just make sure you use the PDF Export function and not Print to PDF! And I can do away with a swag of EPS related guidelines in my resources area.

Course design

An example is that you can export real world coordinates to upload to your GPS to check control sites. Extremely useful for rogaining and I use it for orienteering course planning and checking also. If you scoff, just recall that we still have occasional control placement issues at orienteering events, even major ones. A GPS check doesn’t take long and certainly adds that extra degree of care that our paying customers expect. It won’t necessarily help with fine placement but should certainly avoid placement in a wrong gully.

Relay and special course types such as Butterfly, have a number of new features.

For MTBO and rogaining especially, the option to have a central dot in a control circle can now be done on an individual control basis.


If the course is based on an OCAD map, a subset of symbols can be selected to print. Thus you can easily create a contour only map within Condes. I wonder how much more difficult a track only map would be for MTBO?


Multiple SI or EMIT units can be related to one control location.

All new features

Read about them on the new Condes website.

[box type=”alert” style=”rounded” border=”full”]When using Condes 9 trial version, open only a COPY of any current Condes 8 file. Otherwise if you Save, your v8 file will become a v9 file and cannot be recovered in v8.[/box]


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