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Heads Up to OCAD 2018 Beta users

Beta licence expiry imminent Your OCAD 2018 Beta licence expires in 2 days on 4th April. Please ensure that any key OCAD 2018 format files are saved as OCAD 12 version before that date so you can continue using them – unless of course you update to OCAD 2018 by then. Speaking of which, I […]

ISOM 2017 colours

ISOM 2017 Colour Test

OCAD’s ISOM 2017 colours are tuned to digital press print. So how did they work out for 3 MTBO events?

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A Closer Look at OCAD 2018 Features & Pricing

OCAD inc’s OCAD 2018 FAQ gives plenty of information. This post looks under the hood to see what those facts and figures might mean to our dowununder typical users.

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OCAD Inc’s Advent Calendar

OCAD Inc’s Advent Calendar of useful functions is on Facebook and Twitter. And free Pretex delivery to Canberra.

ISOM 2017 cover

Improvements to ISOM 2017 in OCAD

ISOM, ISSOM, ISMTBOM, ISSkiOM symbols & colours The release of ISOM 2017 symbol templates and colour tables by OCAD Inc has engendered a fair amount of discussion. Mostly to do with why the IOF Mapping Commission decided this or that. However, there have been some queries on the implementation by OCAD Inc. A few of […]

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