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Drone with camera

A Drone Goes Orienteering Mapping

The present and futures of drones (UAVs) in orienteering mapping

Geostationary Satellites

A Bit of Latitude Crept into the Datum

The datums of Australia and New Zealand have become outdated. Here’s what OCAD users need to know.

Topo socks

Auto Generated Orienteering Maps for WOC 2016

Really? Auto generated orienteering maps? Well yes and no. Read all about it on the WOC Sweden 2016 website. If you haven’t seen such maps before you will be surprised if not amazed. (more…)

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Thumbs Up for InReach SE Satellite Communicator

InReach performs immaculately on bush safety and partner comfort criteria.

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Certainly InReach in the Bush

InReach puts us in reach in first test