Pretex Personalised Racer Bibs

The Pretex racer bib advantage

  • water resistant
  • tear resistant
  • comfortable to wear
  • full colour loved by sponsors
  • fast turnaround helps with late entries
  • personalisation limited only by your data, imagination and space
  • number configuration assists race callers
  • sizes from A6 through SRA3 posters
  • attractive pricing
  • 3,670 sold since 2012

Available now

MapSport Cartographic and Stay in Control bring you the ultimate bush sport and racer bib. Printed full colour on economical, MapSport adventure maps& sports logowater and tear resistant Pretex, these bibs not only assist the organisers and athletes, they also showcase your event sponsors.

While the ultimate racer bib material is Tyvek due to its indestructability, its cost and inability to print digitally (thus preventing sponsor logos StayInControl logoetc) has led to Pretex being the top class alternative. Pretex is both tear and water resistant and its flexibility provides the wearer with a high level of comfort.

Pretex is especially valuable for mtbo maps that the rider needs to fold. Teslin and most other synthetics are difficult to fold being highly tensile. This is time wasting and frustrating for the competitive and even non-competitive rider. Make sure you select Pretex for your mtbo maps.

Racer bibs are a joint service of MapSport Cartographic and Stay in Control. Ken’s Printshop Mail software enables full colour sponsor logos, variable race numbers (including formats such as 1-349 and ‘broken’ sequences) and any other variable data that you can provide and that can fit (such as each racer’s start times for a multi-day event).

The most common sizes are A5 for chest bibs and A6 for bike numbers. However sizes from A7 to A3 are available.

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Sample bibs

2017 & 2018 National Orienteering League events

2017 NOL racer bib imageBibs that can last an event series, colour coded for women and men.
We sponsor the production of the NOL foot & mtbo bibs.

2016 Melrose Fat Tyre Festival

Not a bib but the trail map (not shown here) for Melrose (SA) Fat Tyre Festival. Used by every rider. Organiser Kerri Lee-Bruce of Over The Edge Sports said afterwards

Feedback has been awesome – thank you!!!

2016 Australian Orienteering Championships Carnival

Bib numbers designed to be easily read by commentators and relay partners2016 Carnival bib

2015 Mountain Bike number ‘plate’

Front mounted with zip ties

2015 MTBO bike plate image

2015 Australian Orienteering Championships Carnival

Relay bib for leg 1 in 3 person team (each leg different colour number)

2015 Carnival relay bib

Easter 2013 4 day bush orienteering

AUS Easter 2013 bib
Highly personalised with;
  • name
  • club
  • course+number
  • class
  • smart tag device #
  • start time per day

Eureka Australian Ultra-long bush orienteering

EU Ultra-long bib

No personalisation this bib, but sponsors are on display.

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