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Just a Few of the Maps I Enjoyed Making


A sample of different map styles I produced this century, plus the first.

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All these maps,except the first,  used GIS data to prepare the base. More recently, lidar data is also used for elevation and some feature information. The Creswick map below incorporated detail track data supplied by three orienteering clubs. The mapping software is fully featured OCAD Professional. I have used OCAD since 1994.

Field Work

Apart from the Creswick map, track information is from GPS readings by car, mountain bike and foot. To effect maximum GPS reception in the mainly forested areas, I use a small GPSr unit on my bike helmet, hat or in the car sunroof space.

Great Dividing Trail Assn maps

Lerderderg Track map 2019 edition

Lerderderg Track is the latest long distance trail map published by the Great Dividing Trail Assn (GDTA). This A3 size map replaces one twice the size yet has a much larger scale for ease of reading. For users not used to contour lines, it also displays elevation in colour ramps through the eight 100m elevation zones. Like many European trails maps, it is printed on Pretex water and tear resistant stock suited to the outdoors.

It can be purchased online at or at the Daylesford Visitor Information Centre.

I also produced 5 township mountain biking circuit maps along the route of the Goldfields Track. These complement the GDTA’s township walking circuit maps. They are free to download, along with gpx files, from

Community Maps

These are maps created on the request of not-for-profit groups.

The map in the Glenlyon Biolink walking trail brochure was produced for the Glenlyon Progress Assn.

The Giveaway Map

Prepared some years ago in conjunction with the Daylesford Spa Country Railway. This free DL envelope size map proved very popular with visitors to Daylesford through 3 editions. Unfortunately for trail users, VicRail clamped down on rail side track use in 2014 and this map is no longer available.

Daylesford rail and road trail route map image

Spa Country Explorer Local trail maps

These are a spin off from the Adventurer series maps (below) and differ in that they are free and pdf downloadable. They are aimed at Daylesford and Hepburn village locals and visitors who want to find trails they never knew existed. Also useful for Goldfields Track and Lerderderg Track users in having detail to exit Daylesford or Hepburn. Find the Local series maps at

 Spa Country Explorer Adventurer trail maps

The first of these trail maps went on sale October 2016. They are based on A3 size maps prepared for the occasionally semi-annual Cyclic Navigator enduro mountain bike navigation event. The 5th Cyclic Navigator took place on 20th October 2012.

Since 2005, on an arc centred on Daylesford, our maps have covered from Glenlyon in the northeast through Spargo Creek in the south around towards Yandoit  in the NW. The map below shows the coverage of the various maps. Each has its original Cyclic Navigator name.

Spa Country Explorer Adventurer trail map
Spa Country Explorer Adventurer trail map

The trail map versions have much the same content but are significantly re-designed to suit bush walkers, runners and mountain bikers. Sample routes are provided for differing levels of capability. Facilities, wineries, country cafes, cidery and similar drop-in businesses are shown. The map and accompanying sheet provide further information for map users. The map is printed on durable and eminently foldable Pretex which shrugs off wet and sweat.

At left is a portion of the first Spa Country Explorer map. This map runs west of the Daylesford – Ballan road and stretches from  Eganstown to Rocklyn.

Below is  an overview of the location of the Adventurer series maps.

These can be bought at the Daylesford Visitor Centre or online from

Spa Country Explorer Adventurer map locations
Spa Country Explorer Adventurer map locations

Creswick Walk & Bike Trails

This map is for the reverse side of a Hepburnshire Council published A2 size brochure promoting the array of varied walk and bike trails in and around Creswick. It is fairly close in representation to the forthcoming Daylesford area maps discussed above. A specialist semi interactive web based version will also be produced.

The portion shown is a near final draft. An interesting challenge on this map was to portray clearly yet simply, multiple attributes from some trail segments.  These included two or more of difficulty, trail identity, trail surface indication, whether also part of the Goldfields Track and if so, if a multi-use, walk only or mountain bike segment. Feedback welcome.

Creswick trail map NE extract
Creswick Walk & Bike Trails map extract, near final draft

Since then I have also produced the map for Creswick of the Lindsays Arts Trail.

Devil’s Punchbowl – my first born

An orienteering map of legendary Devil’s Punchbowl, Surrey, UK in 1976. Used the then latest optical stereo range finder and inclinometer. Nowadays, those features and much more are packaged in sophisticated yet accessible laser range finders.

Devils Punchbowl map
Devil’s Punchbowl orienteering map, Surrey, UK. My first fieldwork was for a part of this map.

Will your map be next here?

If you want a trail map or tourism related map then do call me. While I do travel outside Victoria, if it is likely beneficial to you, I may refer you to a suitable mapper in your state.

So you prefer to produce your own maps?

I can help you with that also. Councils and some trail managers may have both frequent map demand and the resources to produce such maps. But the stumbling block is often that the only person with the skills to produce such a map is the always busy GIS person.

OCAD logo

Would an easier to use, yet fully featured, cartographic drawing software fill the void? If so, then OCAD, the smart software for cartography, is likely the answer. And it easily makes use of industry compatible data from your GIS sources.

Furthermore, OCAD is remarkably successful as the cornerstone in an efficient process to move DTP (Desktop Publishing) maps into the georeferenced GIS sphere.

OCAD is being used successfully in more than 65 countries in a great variety of sectors: map publishers, national institutes of cartography and topography, land surveying offices, town-, district- and municipality planning, fire brigades, graphics firms, planning and engineering offices, schools, universities, army headquarters, sport and recreation clubs.

Australian  sales, support and training from MapSport Cartographic backed by in-depth support from Swiss based OCAD AG. Contact Ken now on 03 5348 3792 or text 0410 481 677.

Any queries?